Long Marathon Day

It has been a long day today! I had to wake up early to get to Dallas in time. It was Rock N’ Roll half marathon today. It was the fourth year that I worked on the race! It is so much fun. This year was different because they had messed up and I wasn’t going to work with the band I have been working with the previous three years. But everything went well, no incidents or special things at all. A lot of runners and it was freaking cold, but that is almost tradition at this event now. It was better than last year thou… Took around 1000 pictures that I have to go thru. That will be a project for tomorrow.

Came home around 1:30 pm. My gas was running on yellow light from Forney and home. I don’t even know if I can make it to a gas station. I will have to take mom’s car if I have to go anywhere. I don’t even have money for gas right now anyway. Started to clean Hanniball’s wounds. That horse is the most patient horse I have ever met… A picture says more than words…


He is not sedated and I am holding him. He does walk away sometimes but seriously? It is water straight in to the painful wounds… I am standing in the most unsafe zone to get kicked you ever can do! He is just amazing. That is all I can say! Amazing!
My friend Carina came by this afternoon too. What amazing friends I have that cares about my animals! She brought a bale of hay, some alfa-alfa pellets and some vitamins to Hanniball to help him heal. OMG, my heart was just so happy! How thoughtful ain’t that! Thank you so much Carina! <3. Even the Danes liked to say Hi to Carina… they barked but behaved pretty good after all…


I am now letting all my other dogs out. Then I will hit the bed again. I can start feeling that I was up at 4:20am this morning. I am off work tomorrow. Was supposed to go to ABWA meeting but can’t afford it this month. Everything was just turned upside down with this huge vet-bill. It will take me quite a while to recover from that. And most disturbing is that we are not done. Well well, where is that winning lottery ticket when you most need it???

Tomorrow starts a new week. I hope a much better week than last week was. I won’t be as crazy busy as I was supposed to be last week. Nothing really turned out the way it should but that wasn’t my decision.

I am not much for selfies but I took one of me and Hanniball today and I actually think it turned out pretty cute…




Almost Done

The last days has been tough. Long days in cold rainy weather. Saturday a couple of friends came and helped us move. It was amazing what they did for us! For several hours they helped to get almost everything out of moms house! We all worked so hard! We took everything to storage. I had to go and rent a third storage unit and we almost filled it too! We were working from 5 am and I wasn’t done until 1am. The others had left earlier but I just couldn’t stop because it was so much left.

They also moved my house on Saturday. It was very interesting. I didn’t think they would do it since it rained the night before but they didn’t have any choice I guess. They also got stucked with the front part of the house but got it loose after a while…






Sunday was also about emptying the house as much as possible. It just had to be emptied by midnight. It was crazy. I had the night before called our pastor and asked what we had done since we felt a little bit neglected since we were promised help and we thought we had done something wrong. Well our kind pastor helped so we could get five guys coming and helping us after church with a load from the warehouse. That was a huge help. We didn’t get done totally and will have to finish it this week. But we have done as much as we just can! The fence guy haven’t been able to do the fence here at the new farm either so the horses are still at the old farm. This hasn’t been an easy move what so ever. Almost all dogs were moved on Sunday night. I had to let Hanna, Hoppsan and Hershey stay over night because it was dark and not safe to move them to a new place. The dogs we moved had to be in crates outside over night since I couldn’t get access to my house until Monday late afternoon. So Monday morning I headed over there to pick all three dogs up. Then I started to put up dog runs at the new farm. I can call myself professional dog run assembler. I got four runs up, still have two to get up. But it got dark so I had to stop so I could get dogs in the house as well. When I was working with all dogs taking them in and feeding and watering them a Sheriffs deputy came up on the farm. Someone had called and advised that there was dogs sitting in crates and it was going to be cold and rain. I told the deputy that we haven’t even been there for 24 hours, we just moved in and I was just in the process of getting them in the house. The deputy was super nice and totally understood. He could also see that I was covered with mud. I know it wasn’t our new neighbors calling because they were over earlier in the day and welcomed us to the neighborhood. It was so fun because we actually met at Heritage Jubilee last year. They have this beautiful Great Dane if you remember Axel…

529225_239795966158479_1606242295_nIsn’t it fun that we know our neighbor across the street and they also have Great Danes!?! We think it is hilarious! It was fun when he came up on his 4-wheeler and I could recognize him but couldn’t put him where I’ve seen him until he told me that we met at the jubilee!
Anyway, the deputy saw that I was working getting the dogs in and taken care of so he just said “Have a nice evening” and left. But awkward that we haven’t even been here for 24 hours and they show up…

This morning I had to wake up early. Get dogs out and in before I headed to Kaufman. I was going to testify in court on an old case from Animal Control. It was my first testify that I have done in my life. It was very interesting. Glad I was just in the witness stand! It was kind of “big” too. It was an end of my ACO chapter and tomorrow I start a new chapter with The Terrell Tribune. I was supposed to start there yesterday but I must have the best boss and co-workers ever! On Sunday night Stephanie, my new boss texted me and asked if I wanted to come on Monday or if we should wait until Wednesday. I was mentally in to start Monday morning but of course since we were so much behind with the move it would help to get another day work on that. But I left it up to her to decide. Well, after a couple of texts forth and back we agreed that I start tomorrow instead. I was just so in chock that someone would think about me in that way! It gave me so much more time to get ready with my dogs and everything else. But I am so excited about tomorrow!!!!
This afternoon mom and I had to go and find me a jacket that I can wear for work and normal occasions. But that was easier said than done! We went to 7 different stores in Terrell, Rockwall and Mesquite until we found ANY. But at Burlington Coat Factory we at least found one, and actually three jackets that was good! So now I am ready for my new job tomorrow!
I don’t really think I have been so excited about starting a new job as I am about this! I know it will be so freaking awesome! I know many of my co-workers and the positive spirit is just awesome!
I also got another photo shoot scheduled for next Saturday (2/22). Things are starting to look good. We just need the warehouse at the old farm emptied and the horses moved! We just have to work for it!!!

I would also like to take the chance to thank everyone who has helped us in any way with the move! We are so grateful for all help we have gotten! We love you all very very much! <3. Once we have done everything that needs to be done, water, sewer, electricity, etc in my house we will have a big party as a thank you to all of you!



Helped a friend

You shall always help a friend in need, right? Of course. That is something I have really learned just since my birthday. When my friends grabbed me and mom and made a great birthday and Christmas when we were sad due to the farm situation made me truly realize what friends are for. So yesterday when I saw on Facebook that a friend would miss her Aunts viewing due to car problem I didn’t hesitate to offer her a ride. 45 minutes later I was out of the door heading her way. And it felt so good to help a friend. I was just so happy that I could help her to go to the viewing of a family member that meant so much to her! It felt like I was being giving back, even thou it wasn’t to the person that helped me before, I helped someone. I like to help out my friends and when I can’t it makes me sad, maybe why also I got so glad yesterday when I could help!

I was actually pretty productive yesterday! I got so much packed and fixed. My office, the last of the kitchen and my bathroom. I also took the Christmas tree down. Most of what is left is going out to the dumpster whenever we get that one here. So that will also help that I can help mom and concentrate at her house and help her to pack. And that is a lot anyway… Will try to start getting her kitchen in boxes tomorrow.

When I came home yesterday I let my dogs out as usual. I believe we had some kind of unwanted visitors. The Danes were barking like crazy! And when they came in they were really upset! Jive was really hyper and all over the place. He didn’t want to leave my side for a couple of minute so he was really scared of what ever it was! I took the flashlight but couldn’t see anything.

horses4I also saw a status update that made me glad. Remember the bad accident I worked last year. Three horses died, one survived. It was one of the worst accidents I worked. I am the person in the green jacket climbing up on the trailer. Equine Veterinary Service wrote on their Facebook page that the owner “Joel” had emailed them about the surviving horse:

“I just wanted to give you guys update on Soldier. He roped his first steer last night and was awesome. We took it real slow and didn’t turn any but he sure wanted to. Hopefully I can send you guys a video of him when he is going full speed. Thanks for all your help during the wreck and after. I really do appreciate it.”

That update meant so much to me! I was so happy to hear that the horse is doing well! It was a catastrophe for the owner what happened that day! I have worked many accidents but that was absolutely the worst! So it makes me be able to put that accident behind me fully. You always think about what happened to the animals after an accident like that! If you pass the scene of accident you can still today see trace of it…